18650 Power Bank

18650 Power Bank

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Features: High quality external emergency charger. Easy to use, just plug and charge. Designed with a LED light to work as a torch. The charger is powered by 3 * 18650 batteries. (The 3 rechargeable 18650 batteries are not included in the package). Designed with a micro USB interface for recharging the 3 pcs of 18650 batteries. Designed with a USB 2.0 interface and 3 adapters for charging your MP3/MP4 player, cellphone, iPad, iPhone 4/4S, iPod, HTC, Nokia, etc. Portable size and ultra-light weight, easy to carry around. Note: Everytime you put new batteries into the charger, you need to get it activated firstly. Or it won't work normally. How to activate the charger: just connect the Micro USB connector and the USB 2.0 Charging cable together, then connect the Micro USB side to the charger's IN-5V Port, connect the USB 2.0 side to your computer or to a 5V/1A output Power Adapter.

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