5" Lilliput Camera Monitor 569GL-0/P ??

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Features: Exclusive focus assists function. HD output function. Application on Full HD video camera for CCTV monitoring and making movies. High brightness/contrast dizzy-proof monitor with sun shade to see clearly under sunshine. Provides RGB monochromatic display, 16:9/4:3 aspect ration switch, underscan/overscan switch, HD video output. High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery, make power cables free. Under 5D-II video mode, provides full screen recording and no delay or blink screen when start or stop recording. 1/4 hole at bottom, left andright side. Compatible with Devices with HD or mini HD output, such as Canon 5D mark II,Canon 7D,Nikon D300S and D3S and so on. Built-in DV Battery Adapter, can use your own DV battery. Functions: Peaking Filter, False Colors, Histogram, Exposure, Camera, Center Marker, Pixel-to-Pixel, Color Bar, Screen Marker, Aspect Ratio, Check Field, Underscan/Overscan, Freeze Input, H/V Delay, 4x Zoom, Picture-in-Picture, Image Flip. DV Battery Mount Plate: Model DU21 For battery of Panasonic DV: NV-GS/PV-GS/DZ-MV/GS/H28/H258/H288GK series, comply with Panasonic battery DU06/VBD140/SANYODZhs301sw/Hitachi DZ-HS303SW/BZ-BP14S/DZ3200/BP07W. Model F-970 For battery of SONY DV: DCR-TRV series, DCR-TRV E series, VX2100EPD P series, GV-A700, GV-D800 FD/CCD-SC/TR3/FX1E/HVR-AIC, HDR-FX 1000E, HVR-Z1C, HVR-V1C, FX7E F330.

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